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Yes No A.I.D.S. Yes No Heart pacemaker
Yes No Angina Pectoris Yes No Heart rhythm disorder
Yes No Artificial heart valve Yes No Heart surgery
Yes No Artificial joints(hip, knee) Yes No Hepatitis A
Yes No Bleed or bruise easily Yes No Hepatitis B
Yes No Congenital heart lesions Yes No Hepatitis C
Yes No Cortisone/steroid Yes No H.I.V.
Yes No Diabetes type I Yes No Latex Allergies
Yes No Diabetes type II Yes No Mitral valve prolapse
Yes No Epilepsy or seizures Yes No Rheumatic fever
Yes No Frequent earaches Yes No Sickle cell disease
Yes No Heart attack Yes No Smoking
Yes No Heart disease Yes No Stroke
Yes No Heart murmur
8. Is there any other health conditions or concerns we should know about? Yes No